Compost Toilets

Please note that these compost loo's are the only toilets available onsite, there are no conventional flushing toilets. Hand sanitiser is provided in every toilet.

In the UK, flushing the loo accounts for nearly a third of household water consumption. We use drinking-quality water in our toilets, and spend energy and resources on cleaning it afterwards. Water treatment is responsible for about 1% of UK greenhouse gases.
Our composting toilets are not only hygienic, environmentally friendly and simple to use, they also use no water! 


Bucket Showers

The bucket shower uses about 13 litres of water as compared to the 62 litres of an average eight-minute shower, 80 litres of an average bath or 136 litres of a power shower. 

Water sources for your bucket shower:
- We do have gas-fired hot water at our campsite washing up station, so you can use this to fill your bucket for the shower. 
- Or for extra eco points, you can heat water over your campfire to save on energy. 

- You can of course use cold water in your bucket shower which is often the preferred option on a hot day!


Hot Showers

If you prefer a little more comfort, we do have some hot water showers available to use onsite.
We provide some eco friendly shampoo and body wash in case you forget to pack your own!



Washing up facilities

We have both hot and cold washing up points at Glassenbury Camping.

- We provide eco washing up liquid, hand soap, and sanitiser sprays for you to use 


Mens Urinals

Our urinals are simple yet effective.

Using a straw bale system ensures that we can safely compost the waste with very little smell!




We have plenty of recycling options onsite for cardboard, paper, plastic, cans and glass, and we do also have a small amount of general waste disposal. 

Please do try to minimise your non-recyclable waste onsite. 



Fire Pits & Firewood

We allow campfires on our campsite.

Fire pits are provided for you to use free of charge.

We sell locally sourced firewood and kindling for you to pre-order. You can also buy extra if you need it when onsite.

In extreme dry weather conditions we may need to restrict the use of campfires onsite to avoid fires spreading across the surrounding land and possible woodland fires, but this will only be implemented if absolutely necessary.




Well behaved dogs are very welcome at Glassenbury Camping. Each grass pitch can have a maximum of 3 dogs.

- If you would like to bring a dog in one of our Bell Tents you must contact us prior to booking.
- Dogs must be kept under control and on leads at all times whilst onsite
- For the wellbeing of other guests and children, all dogs' owners must clear up after their dogs. The are dog waste bins onsite for bagged up dog waste.


If you are new to camping, here are some items that we recommend you pack:


  • Tent  (Don't forget your tent poles!)

  • Mallet and Tent pegs

  • Sleeping bag

  • Roll Mat / Inflatable bed and pump

  • Warm clothes

  • Eco soap / disinfectant

  • Hand / bath towel

  • Eco Toilet rolls (Biodegradable wipes only please)

  • Wash bag

  • Camping kettle

  • Cooking facility 

  • Decent footwear

  • Torch

  • First Aid

  • Travel Insurance

  • Games

  • Camera

  • Book

  • For Kids .... Wellies /biodegradable nappies/ bat & ball/ sun lotion/ hat

  • Please help us to minimise the use and waste of single use plastic on site by considering what you pack